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Do 3-year-olds need clay or mice?

This Philadelphia Inquirer article questions former Governor Tom Ridge's CyberStart program which is bringing computers to preschools throughout Pennsylvannia.

Battle Over Access to Online Books

A somewhat interesting article in the New York Times about the fight between libraries and publishers over digital copies of texts.

Chalkboards Slowly Erased from Schools

While the old-fashioned chalkboard remains a fixture in most U.S. classrooms, school designers have all but eliminated it. Taking a page from the business world, they're outfitting most new and remodeled schools with whiteboards, in some cases installing high-tech devices that turn them into virtual computer screens.


Technology Gap Among Colleges Perpetuates 'Digital Divide'

The "digital divide" in American society is getting worse, not better, and it is being perpetuated in part by a technology gap between elite and minority-serving colleges, says Larry Irving, a technology consultant who is a former U.S. assistant secretary of commerce.

Indian children use cyber cafes to get online

May 22 2002: A new report on Internet usage in India indicates that cyber cafes are the dominant access point for school users.

Results from an NUA Internet Survey.


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