Big Blue and Kairosnews Embraces Social Media

BusinessWeek reports that IBM has been experimenting with social bookmarking and social networking systems in house. Beehive, their social networking application, has 30,000 employees using the software.

Kairosnews editors have been planning on exploring how social networking might be effective for this community as well. Once Drupal 5x contributed modules necessary for building such a site get converted to Drupal 6x, expect to see major changes here on Kairosnews.


Kairosnews Issues

Sorry about the interruption of service. There was an issue with a corrupted database table connected with the page caching system.


Kairosnews Upgraded to Drupal 5.1

I've just updated this site to Drupal 5.1. I'm sure there are some little things to fix. If you notice anything broken, please post a comment here.


First Stage of Update Complete

The first stage of the Kairosnews update is complete. The next state will involve moving it to an entirely new server. Expect that Kairosnews might be unavailable for 24-48 hours starting Friday or sometime over the weekend while DNS propogates for the new IP.


Kairosnews Webhost Upgrade--Downtime Sept 11

As some of you may have noticed, Kairosnews has been acting a little flaky in the last few weeks. In order to solve this problem, I'll be doing some webhost configuration maintenance in preparation for upgrading to a faster account option. Expect that Kairosnews will experience service interruptions tomorrow while I complete the first stage of this process.



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