Notification Module for Kairosnews Has Changed

For those of you who receive email notifications of new content, you probably haven't received email for a few days, and then today received an email with a lot of posts which do not appear on the front page of Kairosnews. That's because the notification module was picking up the incoming RSS feed items that are stored in the new developmental news aggregator.

I've now modified it. If I've fixed it correctly, it now only sends notification of nodes which have been promoted to the front page.


No More Inputting Blogs at Kairosnews for Me

Thanks to the revised import module under development at Drupal, Kairosnews now adds items in RSS feeds as nodes into the database. New features include:

  • The ability to set expiration times on the nodes (otherwise, the database would quickly grow out of control if all items in RSS feeds were permanently added).
  • An option to allow commenting on specific feed items.
  • Categorization of feeds using the taxomony system.
  • And most important, the option of having a specific feed promoted to the front p

Kairosnews Members List

I've implemented a members list for Kairosnews. Since member email addresses are available in the list, you must be logged in to access it.


Kairosnews Post Permalinks

Previously, because anonymous users do not have comment access (the add comment page could serve as a permalink), they would not have been able to get a permalink for any post on the home page which did not have a "read more." So I've modified the theme so that the post title is a link to a full version of the post.


Recent Comments Block

One of the Drupal developers helped me with some code to create a Recent Comments block similar to the one with PostNuke (see left). If it stops working for a while or changes some over the next few weeks, it's because I'll be working on the code to see if I can develop a patch for Drupal to make this a permanent addition.



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