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What is Kairosnews?

Kairosnews is a discussion community for educators interested in the intersections of rhetoric, technology and pedagogy. Members post stories to the main page for the community to read and discuss.


Kairosnews Upgrade Almost Complete

The Kairosnews upgrade to Drupal is almost complete. Since the site is actually running again, even though configuration is not complete (the theme still needs a little work), I thought I'd go ahead and make the site available even though it is under construction.

More information to come later ...


Kairosnews to Have New RSS Feed URL

For those of you subscribing to the Kairosnews RSS feed, you'll have to visit Kairosnews for the new address once the site is converted this weekend. Just look for the xml button on the home page.


Kairosnews Shutdown: Tonight

Kairosnews will be unavailable later this evening until sometime tomorrow due to the upgrade from PostNuke to Drupal. I'm hoping it won't take me more than a few hours to do.

Before I shutdown the site, I'll send out the last Knewsletter. I'll try to convert over those who are subscribed to the new email notification system which will go out daily. At the very worst, Knewsletter subscribers might have to login and subscribe to the notification system themselves.


Major Kairosnews Upgrade: PostNuke to Drupal

Within the next week or so (possibly this weekend), I'll be converting Kairosnews
to a new software platform. In order to convert over the site, I may need to
take down Kairosnews for half a day or more.

While PostNuke has served Kairosnews
well, Drupal offers some signficant advantages:



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