Kairosnews Has Been Upgraded

The site software for Kairosnews has been upgraded from PostNuke .714 to .721. If you notice any new difficulties, please notify me immediately.

One note: When submitting stories, you now have the option of selecting a content format type of "Plain Old Text" or "HTML formatted." Know that the Plain Old Text option still allows you to integrate ahref tags and other simple hypertext tags into your text. However, the Html formatted option will more strictly follow HTML conventions.



kairosnews Access and Upgrade

Perhaps some of you experienced problems accessing Kairosnews over the last couple of days. On Thursday night, I implemented a compression routine which should speed up downloads on 56k or slower connections. Seems to be working, too, as I am currently out of town logged in a 32k and the download times are farily reasonable.

However, the server need some minor tweaking to support this feature. If you experience any "out of memory" errors when visiting Kairosnews, please feel free to notify me, thus assisting the tweaking process.

Also, on Monday night, I'll be upgrading Kairosnews from PostNuke .714 to .721. The site may be unavailable for 15 minutes to a half hour.



Kairosnews, RSS and Userland

I've hacked the PostNuke code so that the Kairosnews RSS 0.91 news feed should now work for those of you with Userland software. Just point to http://kairosnews.org/backend.php.

If there are any problems with it, please post a comment to this story.


Kairosnews Upgrade Is Finished

Thankfully, Linux booted right up without missing a beat, even though I switched over from Pentium III to Athlon.

Hopefully, you'll find that page access will now be smoother when there's a lot of traffic.



Kairosnews Will Be Offline

In case you haven't followed the stats, the number of visits to Kairosnews has increased by a factor of ten in the last couple of months. Because I'm hoping that interest in Kairosnews will continue to grow, as well as the fact that the server will also be supporting three undergraduate writing classes using their own PostNuke sites, I'll be upgrading the server sometime either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Because part of the upgrade includes replacing the motherboard and cpu, it will be necessary to reinstall the operating system. Thus, Kairosnews will be down for at least several hours if not most of a day. I'll send out an email to all registered users immediately before I shut it down so that you'll have some idea of how long before Kairosnews will be back online.

I would also like to apologize for any inconvience this will cause. While you may not notice any increased performance in accessing the site following this upgrade, know that it will enable the server to respond to a much higher level of traffic without performance degradation.




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