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I'm teaching a technical and professional writing course that includes a four-week unit on Web design. We obviously won't be able to go into great depth, but I think it's reasonable to expect the students, at the end of that time, to be familiar with basic design considerations and able to put up a simple Web page.

Several tutorials have been mentioned on here, but I haven't seen anything lately. Has anyone been using anything that might be useful for this purpose?


Best and Worst of Web 2.0

Wired News has published Web 2.0 Winners and Losers. Notably, MySpace is listed as a loser:

Sustainable Design

It's always great when someone in the field creates a valuable teaching resource. Karl Stolley's Sustainable Web Design is an excellent introduction to desigining websites with XHTML and CSS. What I especially like about is that it begins early on with an introduction to markup languages. If writing teachers are going to teach XHTML/CSS in writing for the web and multimedia writing classes, I believe we need to also introduce our students to the general concept of markup languages to prepare them for using XML in the future.

Developing a Facebook/Myspace Bibliography

Hi Folks:

I'm working with a group who is trying to look objectively at Facebook, Myspace and other social networks to find if there are meaningful lessons about their popularity which we could incorporate into electronic portfolio design for use in higher education. It might well turn out that these spaces are popular with students mainly because their "teachers" aren't there, but we're hopeful that there are some more objective lessons to take away.

The first step in our project is to engage in a fairly complete literature survey. We're working on a bibliography, but I didn't want to pass up your collective knowledge -- does anyone know of scholarly work done/being done on Facebook and Myspace specifically that we should not miss?

Web 2.0: The new buzzword in Internet technology

If you haven't heard of it, you will: Web 2.0. It's exploding into conversations online at the moment. Is it a useful way of describing the way that the web is turning to a distributed environment where users push/pull/share content in communicative acts rather than just visiting static virtual spaces? Or is it just business hype?

To me, Web 2.0 is Tim Berners Lee's Semantic Web meets social software.


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