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Basic Web Design

Peter Mentzer over at Wooble Lab has created an excellent Basic Web Design tutorial. It's process oriented and includes Video Demo/Lectures on using Dreamweaver. I highly recommend this resource if you are introducing students to basic web design through Dreamweaver in your classes. Since the course is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0, you can copy the content into your course and maintain mirrors of the videos on your site (attribution and license notice required, of course).

Technology-Training Survey for a Dissertation

I am looking for participants to help me with survey responses for my dissertation. The online survey asks questions regarding technology training for graduate students, faculty, and new teachers. It also asks how graduate programs incorporate/implement (or not) venues and opportunities for graduate students and new teachers to learn how to use digital technology in the composition classroom. The survey can take as little as 10 minutes (depending on whether you elaborate on your responses) or as long as 30 minutes. Of course elaboration in the text-boxes would be most helpful.

Call for Papers: Enculturation

Enculturation has come out with a new issue fairly recently (well, since the last time I checked :)). The theme of the special issue is "Rhetoric/Composition: Intersections/Impasses/Differends." I'm not crazy about the three-pop-ups design, or the fact that in the table of contents, we only see authors' names and not titles, but there I go being picky.

What Makes a Website Credible? A Two-Week Learning Module

BJ Fogg of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University has created a learning module for evaluating the credibility of web sites:

Learning objectives

In this module students will:

• Learn the meaning of credibility and captology – and how they relate to each other.

• Understand why designing websites for credibility is important.

• Become familiar with guidelines for credible website design.

• Learn about research insights relating to Web credibility.


The first time I visited Jakob Nielsen's useit.com:useable information technology I remember being impressed with the content, but not with the display. Couldn't a web guru offer a little more eye candy?


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