The future of the book & Goggle Print

Access has published excerpts from a dicussion of the future of the ebook. Chuck Hamaker and Toby Green discuss how books should be indexed and accessible by chapter along the line of article-based distribution (such as with ejournals--one can access the individual article without having to access the entire text). Both agree that Google Print can play an important role in this.

Meanwhile, the University of Michigan has issued an official statement in support of Goggle Print:

The Google library project will transform the way we do research and scholarship. For the first time, everyone will be able to search the written record of human knowledge. It also allows libraries to create a digital archive that preserves this material for all time. Only libraries are tasked by the public with the responsibility of archiving all the world's written works. No other entity can take on this responsibility.

Can anyone think of any reason why an academic should not be behind Google Print's library project?