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Christopher Scott Wyatt
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Screenwriter, Freelance Writer / Editor; formerly at Univ. of Minn.

Theatre, dramatic writing, poetry, philosophy, software development, hiking, cycling, tennis. Use Google and you can't miss my trail.

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There is always something awkward about writing an autobiographical entry for public consumption. I began programming in the late 1970s, mainly to create a better text editor for my junior high writing. As an undergraduate, in the 1980s, I worked for the University of Southern California's computing center. My specialty was interface design for Internet mail, newsgroups, and BITNET relay chat. While earning degrees in English and journalism, I was busy programming text editors and software for newspaper production. I ended up co-owning an ISP and later a children's bookstore. In 2004, against all logic, I decided to pursue an MA in rhetoric as a way to see if a doctorate degree was in the cards. Now, here I… Ph.D. in rhetoric and still writing, programming, and exploring life.


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