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Edward Picot

Literature. Hyperliterature. New media. Writing for children. Jokes.

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Born 1958. Graduated from Cambridge University 1980 (BA in English Literature). Married 1988. Daughter born 1998. Ph.D in English Literature awarded 1992 (thesis later published as "Outcasts from Eden: Ideas of Landscape in British Poetry since 1945", Liverpool University Press, 1997). Set up personal website in 2000. Set up The Hyperliterature Exchange (http://hyperex.co.uk) in 2003. I have published a number of articles about hyperliterature (new media literature) in trAce, the P N Review, and arteonline. I have also self-published numerous new media reviews in The Hyperliterature Exchange. I am a member of various new media groups, but most active in WebArtery. Self-published Heronsbrook, a collection of nonlinear stories on CD, in HTML format, in 2002. Since then I've continued to self-publish nonlinear fictions, animations and various other new media pieces (several of them created for, or with the help of, my daughter) on my website.


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