Wikibook Going "Stale" - How to Revive?

A few years ago, another instructor and I had students launch a "Professional and Technical Writing" entry in Wikibooks. Now, ithe project is stale.

This last year (2011-12), I attempted to get my students in a technical writing course to evalute the project and reboot the project. I wasn't successful, as the students argued that nobody knows of Wikibooks and there are plenty of free writing books / content available throught iTunesU and iBooks. 

How might I approach reviving the project? How might I enlist other professors at other institutions? I hate to see the proejct wither and die away, but I've seen this happen with proejcts that were on other wiki platforms. (A good digitial writing pbWiki project stalled a couple of years ago.) 

Anyone want to help revive this? Any classes out there willing to take the lead? I'd be thrilled just to know the project didn't die. It is probably an interesting study in how quickly things online fizzle.