CFP: Writing Spaces Seeks Proposals for the 4th Volume

Good news. Writing Spaces, an open textbook for writing classes, is in the midst of manuscript review for the 3rd volume (it's going well, and we hope to publish in December 2011). And now we have a call out for the 4th volume. While we would love to see proposals on a wide range of topics, there are some specific emphasis areas for this volume:

1) The editors would like to publish multiple essays on visual rhetoric, multimodal and/or multimedia composing. We would be interested in seeing proposals that teach students how to do visual analysis or how to create texts across different digital genres (e.g., video and/or audio).

2) Thanks to those teachers who completed our recent survey, we also have a selection of topics that we would be especially interested in publishing:

  • revision strategies
  • argument analysis
  • writing within discourse communities
  • interpreting and implementing feedback from instructors and peers
  • understanding voice
  • language and literacy
  • composing effective paragraphs and sentences
  • writing for social change
  • writing in a specific genre
  • writing in a specific discipline

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Charlie Lowe, Writing Spaces Co-Editor