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Kairosnews Down for Server Migration

Kairosnews will be unavailable parts of today for a server migration. 

Web Writing Style Guide 1.0 Available in PDF and EPUB

The Writing Spaces Web Writing Style Guide Version 1.0 open textbook is now available in PDF and EPUB versions. 

Spam clogging Amazon’s Kindle self-publishing

The Globe and Mail reports that spammers have discoverd how to publish those $0.99 books on Amazon: 

. . . Aspiring spammers can even buy a DVD box set called Autopilot Kindle Cash that claims to teach people how to publish 10 to 20 new Kindle books a day without writing a word.

Mouse Grip Style and Which Mouse Is Right for You?

Which mouse is right for you? Many computer users spend more time using their mouse than they do driving their car. Did you spend time finding the right mouse, or did you just use whichever one was easiest to acquire? A mouse is an important extension of your hand.

Announcing Web Writing Style Guide Version 1.0, an Open Textbook

The Writing Spaces crowdsourcing Writing Sprint event is over, and Web Writing Style Guide Version 1.0 is now published. This open textbook was created with undergraduate writing students in mind, but Web Writing Style Guide could also be useful to anyone wanting to learn how to write for the web. Topics in this lengthy guide include--but are not limited to-- 


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