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Composition after the Global Youth Uprising


In a sensational interview with Russian Today, “trends analyst” Gerald Celente makes several predictions about the near future. Some of the predictions are safe bets for any professional prognosticator, such as that the market for locally grown produce will soar in the midst of increasingly frequent recalls of mass produced food. However, when Celente focuses his crystal ball on the political furor over Wikileaks, we find him making the rather alarming claim that a devastating cyber war is just on the horizon.


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Gamifying Wikis

Digital Rhetoricians 9: Negative Spaces and Creative Commons

This week, the Digital Rhetoricians discuss Johndan Johnson-Eilola's "Negative Spaces: From Production to Connection in Composition" and our very own Charlie Lowe's Considerations for Creative Commons Licensing of Open Educational Resources.

Download the episode here.


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