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Google *is* the OS.

the new google toolbar not only blocks popup ads, it comes with a "blog this!" button for blogger integration.


William Gibson on Writing vs. Blogging


Will necessarily involve that which Fashionpolice already seeks to avoid experiencing: the complete and utter cessation of blogging.

One thing that was immediately clear to me, from the first blog, is that this is not an activity, for me, that can coexist with the writing of a novel. In some way I only dimly apprehend, it requires too much of the same bandwidth (yet never engages anything like the total *available* bandwidth).

But, definitely, the ecology of novelization and the ecology of blogging couldn't coexist, for me. It would be like trying to boil water without a lid. Or, more like it, trying to run a steam engine without a lid. (I wonder if that would be the case for a native of the blogosphere -- for whom, as Lou Reed once said of heroin addicts, "the needle is a toothbrush"? Maybe not.)

So, fair warning: I will indeed stop doing this at some point, though not until I return from England.

P2P text sharing

Stephen Downe's OLD daily newsletter linked to a short article on textbook theft using scanners.

There wasn't really much evidence of this happening on a wide scale. I tend to think that this sort of thing happens in response to new technologies and grossly overpriced products, like CDs or Mach III razors.

Although I don't condone it, I know someone who can put a good-sized book online using a basic scanner and Abbey Finereader in about 45 minutes.

Part of me likes the idea of blackmarket textbooks converted to .pdfs being shuttled about via p2p networks.


Email and the Columbia Disaster

John Dvorak has a very interesting column on email and the recent shuttle disaster:

With the new e-mail world and Columbia, we immediately find out that the space crew was e-mailing friends from the vessel. Thus, Douglas Brown found out that his astronaut brother Dave Brown was concerned about Columbia's wing. Douglas discussed this concern with his US senator, George Allen. Wasn't it suspicious, then, in a NASA press release, Douglas said his brother never wrote about concerns with damage to the left wing?? We must conclude there was an obvious cover-up. Why would Douglas Brown discuss anything with his US Senator if there were nothing to discuss? This is all happening too fast for the agency. It's harder to buffalo the public in compressed time.

Also, because of e-mail, we found out that NASA made an informal request to have the Air Force shoot pictures of the underside of the Columbia with one of the spy satellites floating around. This request was pulled back for undisclosed reasons. Some surmise that the withdrawal came because the informal channel itself was a bad idea. This little episode needs an investigation, if you ask me. Again, e-mail was flying.



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