Call for Papers

Call for Papers
Teaching Writing with Technology

The editors of a new professional development book under contract with Fountainhead Press, as part of the Fountainhead Press X Series for Professional Development, are soliciting essay submissions. Teaching Writing with Technology will consist of 15-20 essays that showcase effective pedagogy on integrating technology into the writing classroom, practical ideas for immediate application in the classroom. Aimed at professional development for both new and experienced teachers of English, the volume’s audience includes

 New Teaching Assistants, Adjuncts, and Instructors teaching writing and/or literature
 Writing Program Administrators interested in the creation of professional development courses or programs
 Writing Center personnel
 Writing Across the Curriculum personnel
 Service Learning Personnel

Each essay should be focused around a specific type of technology and provide examples of how new and experienced teachers can use technology not only to invigorate their teaching of writing, but more importantly, to build communities of writers and to promote active learning. Essays should be pedagogical in nature; however, a familiarity with how technology fits in with current composition models is expected. Essays that include examples of student writing and sample writing assignments that are geared towards specific types of technology are particularly encouraged.

Submissions should not exceed 5,000 words and should follow MLA style.

Possible topics include
 Pedagogical pros and cons of using technology to teach writing
 Lesson plan strategies for first time users of technology in the writing classroom
 Efficient use of computer technology to facilitate management of writing teachers’ workload
 Creative use of Learning Management Systems [WebCT, D2L, Blackboard, etc.] in writing classrooms
 Practical guidelines for using Smartboard technology in writing classrooms
 Collaborative writing technologies integration [Blogs, DB’s, Wikies, Writerly, etc.]
 Feedback and editing tools [Word, Tablet PC’s, etc.]
 Virtual environments for teaching composition [MOOs, MUDs, etc.]
 Pod casts for teaching composition, including presentation of content and mini-lessons on grammar, etc.
 Instructor PC linked to student PCs for modeling purposes
 Practical applications for using technology in research-based writing classes
 Creative use of hypertext in linking among collaboration assignment participants’ work or with supplemental materials, etc., particularly for visual presentation of composition assignments
 Creative use of gaming to supplement writing pedagogy

Maria A. Clayton, co-editor
Associate Professor of English
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN Dr. Terry Carter, co-editor
Associate Professor of English
Southern Polytechnic State University
Marietta, GA

For full consideration, essays should be submitted in digital form using Word or rich text format by 1 July 2007: Maria A. Clayton at