Get Your RIAA Propaganda Here! Learn What the RIAA Will Do To You!

There's plenty of commentary about the new propaganda educational video from the RIAA via Campus Downloading. I'm sure we'll see much more. I love Cory Doctorow's succinct and accurate overview and call to action:

The RIAA has just released a back-to-school propaganda video called "Campus Downloads" that is full of lies, half-truths, omissions, and intimidation aimed at convincing students to stay away from file-sharing.

This is such a steaming pile that it desperately needs to be remixed. Someone out there needs to make a version where every lie is interrupted with an explanation of the real story, to be shown alongside of it.

Sounds like a great class project to me :-)

I don't even want to comment on it any further--watch it for yourself--other than to point out the title screen of the video:

They've left out the indirect object in that first sentence. A more effective and truthful slide would read,

Protect Yourself from the RIAA. Do It Legally. An Educational Public Service Video from the People Who Will Sue You If You Don't

Give me a break. The irony! To think that any university would be complicent in promoting a video which pretends to be a public service announcement but is more like a mafia-like strong arm tactic warning.

BTW: I've ordered a copy, and will probably show it. It's an excellent tool for demonstrating the problems with our current intellectual property system. I'd encourage others to do the same.