2005 Kairos Best Academic Weblog

Congratulations to Collin Brooke for winning the Kairos Best Academic Weblog award. Jenny Edbauer, Traci Gardner, and I were unanimous in our opinion that, out of all the nominees, Collin's weblog best met the criteria for this year's award. Collin is a consistent, insightful, and engaged blog poster and commenter. He does careful and impressive work addressing and interlinking issues relevant to our field, and he's put his weblog to some deeply innovative uses, of which his online seminar and the rhetoric carnival are two excellent examples. And last night, perhaps as evidence of how widely his weblog writing circulates in our field, Andrea Lunsford cited one of Collin's weblog posts as one of the concluding examples of her Computers & Writing keynote address, less than an hour after the well-deserved award was announced.

Congratulations, Collin!

Mike Edwards


Indeed! Congrats Collin on your great work!

Congrats, Collin. Your work here informs, and more importantly, inspires.

Well-deserved. Congratulations, Collin!