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Developing a Facebook/Myspace Bibliography

Hi Folks:

I'm working with a group who is trying to look objectively at Facebook, Myspace and other social networks to find if there are meaningful lessons about their popularity which we could incorporate into electronic portfolio design for use in higher education. It might well turn out that these spaces are popular with students mainly because their "teachers" aren't there, but we're hopeful that there are some more objective lessons to take away.

The first step in our project is to engage in a fairly complete literature survey. We're working on a bibliography, but I didn't want to pass up your collective knowledge -- does anyone know of scholarly work done/being done on Facebook and Myspace specifically that we should not miss?

Composition Job LIsting

I'm not on the search committee, but there's a composition search at my school, Seton Hill University. It's being advertised in the regular venues, but I thought it couldn't hurt to mention it here.

Seton Hill University invites applications for an Assistant Professor position in Composition, beginning Fall, 2006. The faculty member will teach developmental composition courses to traditional age and non-traditional aged students and may be asked to assist with faculty development activities in conjunction with the Writing Coordinator. --

Podcasting K-12

The New York Times has a positive, if brief, story on K-12 students and teachers making and using Podcasts.

The piece includes a quote by "Daniel J. Schmit, an instructional technology specialist in the college of education at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln" that nicely sums up the value of Podcasting. "It teaches [students] to do research, to communicate in print, to speak effectively and grab attention with sound." Of course, uploading the audio to Apple's site or another site really helps students get a sense of audience.

Accommodating Diversity in the Classroom--Advice Desperately Needed

This fall, I took a job as an assistant professor at a university that is very serious about welcoming diversity. To that end, I've attended seminars addressing topics on racism, sexism, and so on, but this information (while useful) is, unfortunately, too general to be of much use in the particular problems I'm having in the classroom. However, thankfully I know I can count on all my wonderful friends and distinguished colleagues here at Knews to help me through these troubling times--please, take a moment to help me address my dilemma.

ComPile goes Wiki

This is a forwarded message that I though some of you might be interested in. I have used ComPile a number of times, and find it to be a great resourse. It sounds like it is getting better.

We invite you to visit CompFAQs , a Wiki extension of CompPile , and a new resource for compositionists.

CompFAQs features topics in college composition that repeatedly attract questions despite the fact that a substantial body of answers are available.CompFAQs does not aim to give all the answers, just to provide an ongoing base of reliable information and a fund of resources.



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