The Abysmally Slow Kairosnews

Sorry about the page access speed for Kairosnews right now, but FSU began add/drop today. I believe that they tune down the network to priortize the systems which support course registration. Meanwhile, they did some major upgrades to the network this weekend (doesn't make sense to me to do that before a major hit on network resources, but they didn't ask) which may be causing other problems. For instance, using my Comcast broadband, I couldn't access any Internet sites at FSU, including Kairosnews--nor get FSU email--for much of this morning.

I would expect it will get better by the Thursday at the latest. Hopefully.


A New Year, a Name Change

Dear Kairosnews readers,

You might have noticed that we have changed our name from "Kairosnews: A News Site and Online Community for Discussing Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy" to the shorter, and more accurate, title of "Kairosnews: a Weblog for Discussing Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy." We're entering 2003 as (officially) a Weblog. :-)


Upgrade for Kairosnews

Later today, I'll be upgrading Kairosnews to the latest version of PostNuke. The upgrade is mostly bug fixes that should help things run smoother. I'm anticipating that the upgrade may take an hour at most.

I apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience this may cause.

Afterwards, if you experience any problems with features of Kairosnews that were not a problem in the past, please post a comment here.



A New Theme for the Kairosnews Website

I hope everyone is enjoying the new look for Kairosnews. It appears to work well for IE 5x, IE 6x, Mozilla 1x, Netscape 4x, Netscape 6x, Netscape 7x, and the most recent version of Opera. In fact, it seems to work better with a wider range of browsers than the previous default site theme.

Know that when logged on, registered members can reset to the previous default theme by choosing "Somara" under My Accounts->Select Themes. Registered members who have already chosen a different default theme can select "knews" to access the new one.

Later today, I'll work on modying the css file to create a high res version of this theme, "knews-hires," for those of us with larger monitors and poor eyesite :)

Thanks to all of those who let me know how the new theme design worked with their computer/browser configurations!


New Site Theme for Kairosnews

I've just created a new site theme for Kairosnews which I plan on making the default. While the current theme certainly works fine, it doesn't seem to fit well with the Kairos logo and color scheme on the Kairos site :)



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