We are the Machine: Incredible Web 2.0 Video

Michael Wesch, a cultural anthropology professor at Kansas State University, has submitted an absolutely incredible YouTube video concerning Web 2.0. He starts with the old HTML static pages and takes us through XML and beyond. This would make a terrific piece for discussion in any class about the web or new technologies like blogs, forums, wikis, social tagging, YouTube, flickr, and so on. Wesch is even hip to rhetoric. I love this thing!



Thank goodness, he said "rhetorics" at the end :-)

Good video. I'll use it in my writing for the web class.

Charlie | cyberdash

Wow -- what he said! I really like the focus on XML, and links as consciousness. Benkler tells us that we ought to think of Commons-Based Peer Production as maximizing human creativity. This video really helps to put a face on it.

It's sort of the flipside to EPIC 2014.